Wow! What a whirlwind of a week it has been here! Here is a look at what has been happening this week!
On Wednesday we had a fun visit from PPG Paints Rep Dan DeMaio! He taught us all about different paint types that are used in Educational Facilities which was very informational and will help with our upcoming school projects. This session included a delicious lunch from Lenny’s Subs, rumor around the office is that someone had the best chicken philly of their life.
On Thursday we began renovation on our Conference Room! We are so excited to announce we will be renovating the lobby and the Conference Room. This will include taking down all the acoustics, replacing the drywall, replacing the cabinets, repainting the walls, and replacing the floor. Don’t worry, we will keep you updated on this project and we are so excited to show you the final product.
Ready to save a life? We are! In addition to our renovation starting on Thursday, as an office, we became CPR Certified. This process took about two hours and allowed us to practice on CPR on an infant and an adult. Furthermore, we learned the Heimlich maneuver, just in case someone starts choking. This certification is very important to us, in addition to staying safe and socially distant due to the Corona Virus, we want to have the capability to save anyone in the office if something were to happen. We will go into more detail on the CPR certification process in another post.
What a fun week it has been at the ADG! We are so excited to be able to show off what we have been up to at the office!