In honor of celebrating our 30th Anniversary, we are taking a look back at some of our most memorable projects throughout the years.

In the early 2000’s ADG was given the opportunity to develop a new facility for Lee County’s Domestic Animal Services at 5600 Banner Drive in Fort Myers. The project developed as a “Fast Track” design and construction with a timeline of design and construction of a 18,337 sq. ft. animal shelter in less than one year. Ten years and one helicopter crash later (right before the building was to open!), ADG was retained to design two additions to the Animal Services Facility while it was open for business! These additions, in total, were 28,672 sq. ft. and made the shelter more accessible with more surgical suites and areas for the animals.

“We designed the facility on a very limited budget and Lee County had its back to wall because the County was less than 1 year away from the expiration of their lease at their current animal shelter facility. They said it could not be done but we proved them wrong! The building was designed, constructed and occupied even though a helicopter belonging to the Lee County Sheriff crashed into the building a week before the building was to be occupied.” Bob Taylor, President and Lead Architect.