ADG Architecture, llc has an extensive portfolio of work in the field of identifying ADA compliance issues and providing solutions to remediate facility and site access challenges.  As a full-service architectural and interior design firm, ADG possesses the expertise, experience and track record for achieving ADA compliance.  We are knowledgeable with all codes and regulations including firsthand experience with all relative local, state and federal codes and corresponding regulations.  Having worked in the field of design for accessibility for the handicapped for the past 20 years, we bring clarity to accessibility issues which is a benefit to our clients.

Whether you are aware of current compliance issues at your establishment, or would like an assessment from an ADA Specialist, we are here to help. Let us take  the guess work out of ADA Compliance.

  • ADA Site/Facility Surveys

  • ADA Transition Plans

  • ADA Facility Remediation


It’s the law…  Protect your business from a lawsuit!


Roofing Studies and Surveys
ADG provides consulting for roofing studies of existing roofing, flashing and waterproofing systems. Roofing surveys identify the current status of the roofing system with a report provided for the Owner’s use. Studies can be provided that research alternative roofing systems with corresponding system costs and life cycles. The Owner benefits from this service by being able to adequately plan for future capital expenditures while making an informed decision as to the best course of action when it comes time to replace the roof system.

Roofing Project Budgeting Services
ADG can provide the Owner budget costs for the replacement of an existing roofing system. Other important budgeting costs considerations that can be considered are the relative costs of different types of roofing system replacement as well as the possibility of upgrading the thermal performance of the building by adding additional insulation. These budgeting activities assist the Owner by providing tools for advanced planning of future activities and their corresponding capital expenditures.

Re-roofing Construction Drawings and Specifications
ADG has the expertise and knowledge required to prepare complete and thorough construction drawings and specifications for re-roofing projects. Well detailed drawings and specifications provide for a predictable roofing repair or replacement outcome, on time and within budget. Structural analysis and engineering is provided to verify the new roofing system can withstand the higher wind pressure design requirements required by Florida’s demanding building codes.

Moisture Detection – Nuclear and Infrared Surveys
Moisture surveys can determine if, where, and to what extent detrimental moisture or water intrusion has compromised a roofing system. By making this determination, a building owner may have more options with regard to corrective actions. A moisture survey can save an owner significant costs by allowing him to replace only the damaged areas of roofing rather than the entire system. Moisture surveys can also be a valuable tool to verify if a new roof installation has been installed and completed without moisture compromise.