In 1997, ADG Architecture, llc’s Principal in Charge, Robert Taylor took on the task of designing the office building that would house ADG Architecture, llc for many years. For most of ADG’s thirty years, the Brown and Brown building located on Colonial Boulevard has been its home. While the design of green marble, green carpet and soundproofing was one of the hottest interior design trends back in the late 90s, we found ourselves feeling dated and decided that it was time to upgrade the front lobby area and conference room.

We started the design and construction of this renovation in September and we are finally reaching completion. During the planning stages, to truly understand the design concept, we designed the lobby and conference room in Revit and modeled it in Enscape.

To modernize this space our first goal was to remove the soundproofing in the conference room. This allowed for more space in the Conference Room and allowed for us to put up a new metal sign and, eventually an acoustical panel for a statement wall. The conference room received a new countertop and cabinets as well as new floors!

The lobby received the same floors as the conference room, but we added a touch of teal, ADG’s signature color for a pop. To have a more consistent feel in the lobby, we repainted the green marble with a charcoal grey. Finally, we installed a television in the lobby so whenever we have visitors they can see all of the amazing designs and renderings that we do.

We cannot stop bragging about our new lobby and conference room and would love for you to stop by and see it! Check out the before and after of this amazing renovation!