At ADG Architecture, llc one of our core values is innovation, this has helped guide us throughout the past thirty years. We believe that, as a team, we must continuously improve our skills whether that be with our standards of design or our technological capabilities. With that in mind, we have an exciting announcement about our newest technological capabilities!
To present the best and most immersive view of our client’s projects we have invested in Virtual Reality software and a headset. This software and headset partners with our rendering software, Enscape which works with the Revit model to allow for 360 degree experience in the model. This Virtual Reality experience will allow for the design team and the client to make instantaneous decisions about the design of the project and allow for it to be changed quickly. Furthermore, it allows the design team to truly replicate real life scenarios, such as seeing if an Emergency Exit is easily accessible or if the design of the room makes sense to them. This immersive experience will allow our clients to be in their space and truly experience how sun and shade, lighting and circulation works.
Clarisa and Ashley were the first to test out the VR experience by walking through one of our models in Enscape to see the capability of this technology and how to better improve this model!
Virtual Reality is not the only new experience we can present to our clients, we have invested in a 3D printing machine! While Virtual Reality will allow for our design team and clients to participate in an experience that models the real life design of their project with a 360 degree view. 3D printing will allow for our clients to have a tangible model they can take with them to show stakeholders that have invested in the project, their families, or anyone they would like!
The process of printing with a 3D printer, is relatively painless and we had fun testing it out by printing a cube, as shown above!
All of these technological capabilities will allow us to produce the best possible experience for our clients throughout the design process and into the construction of their project. At ADG we are truly committed to client satisfaction and making this process as smooth as possible. Come by and check out our new technological capabilities!