What a year, while 2020 may have had its ups and downs we wanted to look back at all the great things that have happened at ADG this year.

Did you hear it was someone’s anniversary? We think that 30 years looks good on ADG Architecture, llc! We are so excited to be able to celebrate being Southwest Florida’s leading Architectural firm over the past 30 years! We have worked on some amazing projects throughout this time including Lexington Middle School, First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs, and many more! Check out our #Blastfromthepast series on our Facebook page to see the other amazing projects we worked on!

New year, new us in 2020 we completely renovated the front of the office! While it started out as a small idea, changing around the location of some pictures, we quickly realized that would not be enough. All together, we completely revamped the conference room by taking out the soundproofing and installing new fixtures and flooring. This new flooring extended into the lobby area which received a fresh new coat of paint on both the walls and the countertop. You can take a deeper look at our office renovation by clicking the link here.

Another exciting occurrence here is that we became CPR certified! The entire office, including Paloma, took a CPR class to become certified in case an accident occurs here or on the job site. Additionally, you can find some new tech at the office! We implemented Virtual Reality and a 3D printer to better help our Clients envision the end product throughout the entire design process, from schematic design to construction documents. Want to know more about the tech available, check out this article!

Unfortunately, 2020 brought about COVID19 which has drastically changed our world, especially working with construction. While construction sites may seem large and it is easy to stay six feet apart, this is not true. To help mitigate the spread of COVID19 throughout the job site, we created our own specifications in regards to COVID19. These new specifications will be integrated into all of our designs moving forward.

Some of the other highlights of 2020 include:

  • Gateway Trinity Lutheran Church – Phase 2 construction was completed
  • City of Punta Gorda ADA upgrades to City Hall Annex construction was completed
  • Fort Myers Middle School Food Service Renovations were completed
  • Pampered Pet Resort  won an award for the Best Office/ Commercial Project by the Collier Building Industry Association
  • Serendipity Salon and Spa in Punta Gorda completed construction
  • We launched our brand new website!
  • We became Procore Certified!
  • Bob Taylor was published in Business Observer for his article on CPTED
  • We held our first Gingerbread house competition and much more!

While 2020 may have come with its obstacles, ADG Architecture, llc worked with each of our Clients to make sure they were not significantly impacted due to COVID. As you can see from the list above, we have had a pretty great year and the best part was working with all of our amazing team members, consultants, and Clients. We are already four days into the New Year and we are so excited to see what 2021 and year 31 brings us! As always, stop by to say hi, see our amazing new conference room, and discuss your next project! We hope to see you soon!