Project Description

The STARS Complex (Success Through Academic and Recreational Support) is a recreational and educational support center located in the City of Fort Myers. The children enrolled in the STARS Complex programs have been improving grades and graduation rates. Due to these successes, the STARS Complex was looking to expand their programs, but lacked the spaces and amenities to be able to do so. A full study was completed for the entire existing site to understand the conditions and deficiencies of the current S.T.A.R.S. facilities. Included in the study was a CPTED Risk Assessment using
a format based on the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), which sets about identifying the level of threats, assets to be protected, and vulnerabilities of the property. The survey covered such areas as perimeter fencing, parking lots and garage, security glazing, security roll-down shutters, lobby foyer access control entry, doors and gates, alarm systems, exterior lighting, parking lot and vehicle barrier protection, and any other areas required. The Risk Assessment report became the tool to establish the security functional requirements and the design basis for security elements.