So, you have finally decided to take the plunge and build your dream project. Now that you have made this decision, what is next? The land is ready, the dreams are clear. The final piece of your puzzle is the design of this new project. To help make your dream a reality, turn to an architect to help you through the design process. Do you have your doubts, check out these ten reasons on why you should hire an architect.

1. Education/ Training- An architect has the appropriate training and experience to design, coordinate and manage your project. An architect’s education covers a variety of areas, ranging from design, construction materials and techniques, to zoning and building codes. This diversity allows architects to create design options while analyzing a wide range of constraints and requirements.
2. Creativity – A talented architect can create projects that are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing as well. Architects are trained to use their imagination to create original solutions to a variety of challenges.
3. Conceptualization – An architect has the ability to take a client’s abstract ideas and put them into a form that one can visualize and discuss. The architect can then convey these ideas to a contractor so that he / she can then build it.
4. Cost Effectiveness – An architect helps save you time and money. A well-designed building is more efficient and will typically have lower maintenance costs. This will also add to the value of your project. A skilled architect can help you to avoid trouble spots and advise you on ways to keep costs down.
5. Social Responsibility – A building designed by an architect will contribute to a better quality of life for its occupants and for a better built environment.
6. Priority – An architect will prioritize your needs and requirements. An architect will always act in your best interest. He / she can look at the “big picture” and assist in determining your true needs and goals.
7. Environmental Awareness – A skilled architect will help you to achieve an environmentally sustainable or “green” building. Environmentally conscious design will not only cost less to operate, it helps to lessen one’s impact on the planet.
8. Communication – A skilled architect can communicate ideas effectively…to clients, engineers, planners, contractors, etc. By communicating effectively an architect can assist with any unforeseen situations and solve problems quickly and creatively.
9. Exclusivity – An architect will help you to explore all the possible options for your project. The result will be a building that is specifically designed for your needs and tailored to the way you live.
10. Administration – An architect will help you avoid unpleasant surprises during construction and make the project run more smoothly. We will work with your contractors and designers.

Here at ADG Architecture, llc we are ready to make your dream a reality. Give us a call today to speak with any of our licensed architects and begin the design process.